Testing is like that warm security blanket you had as a child

Testing is like that warm security blanket you had as a child. Right when you don't think you need it, you discover that you are dreadfully unprepared to go without it.. and with good reason. It's a cold, scary place with your blanket … or your testing framework.

Testing is like a Security blanket

I've been reminded of this repeatedly this week as I begin learning someone else's code base on a new consulting project that I'm working on. Testing seems like a waste of time when you know the entire codebase backwards and forwards.. but this doesn't happen in the real world. Instead you are often thrown head first into new applications with little more to go on than the code itself.

This week I've been tip-toeing around a new application afraid to break anything. What has gotten me through being paralyzed to the point where I am afraid to change pieces of code? I have to admit that it comes down the fact that all of the models are thoroughly tested. I can check to see that everything is all clear after I make a change. I can't describe who important this is, when don't know the code base entirely.

I'm coming away this week with a real taste of why testing is so important for projects with multiple developers and am thankful that the previous developers made an effort to back their code so thoroughly. It made my life a whole lot less stressful and much more productive!