Facebook's ad-targeting isn't that smart? What?!

Every day we see a new article about how big data is transforming marketing on the web. Well, if that is the case, ###Facebook still has some work to do

I just recently moved to Seoul, Korea after living in the Bay Area for the past seven years. At this point I don't speak/read/write Korean. I've never liked any Korean-language pages and I have only a few native-Korean friends at this point. There are few signs (from what I can tell) that point to me being able to understand ANY Korean.

These are the best ads that Facebook could match to my profile??

Facebook-targeted ads don't seem to care about this at all though. Instead LOCATION appears to be the primary piece of data driving my ads. It doesn't matter that I can't READ any of them and all signs should point to this fact! Facebook lost any chance of revenue-generation with this oversight.

Sure, English localized ads won't do any good on my profile, but what about all those ads that aren't location dependent?